Sub-grant Programme

Ortaklaşa Sub-grant Programme aims to develop dialogue and collaborations between CSOs and municipalities. The sub-grant programme has three fundamental objectives:

  • To develop dialogue and collaborations in the field of culture and arts through projects between municipalities and CSOs;
  • To empower cultural professionals working for CSOs and municipalities in the fields of cultural policy and management;
  • To promote participatory local cultural policy-making processes.

Within the scope of the Ortaklaşa Sub-grant Programme, two separate project proposal calls will be published until the end of 2025. CSOs are expected to apply with minimum one municipality as a partner. Private sector, universities, city councils, municipal unions, Culture and Tourism Provincial/District Directorates, and social initiatives may also participate in the projects, and are encouraged to do so by the programme.

With a total budget of 1.3 million €, minimum 6-months and a maximum of 12-months projects will be funded with a maximum budget of 120,000 €. 

There are three different project types that can be participated in the sub-grant programme:

  • Projects developed and produced collaboratively by CSOs and municipalities in different areas of culture and art;
  • Projects wherein an inactive or underutilized space belonging to the municipality is transformed with the expertise and content contributions of CSOs;
  • Projects that promote participatory cultural planning and management at the local level and suggest mechanisms/practices.

It is expected that the proposed projects should consider basic principles such as democracy, gender equality, minority rights, environmental protection, and disability rights, and should be designed to increase local awareness on these issues. After an administrative review is carried out, applications will be evaluated by a jury of five members, including representatives from İKSV and MBB.