Culture, Dialogue & Sub-Grant Programme

The aim of the project is to improve the dialogue between NGOs working in the field of culture and arts and municipalities across Turkey through collaborations and joint projects; to encourage the creation of inclusive, participatory cultural policies and thus to mediate the strengthening of democracy.


Sub-grant Programme

Ortaklaşa Sub-grant Programme aims to develop dialogue and collaborations between NGOs and municipalities in Turkey working in the field of culture and arts through joint projects. With a total budget of €1.3 million, the sub-grant program will support culture and art projects developed jointly by NGOs and municipalities from different disciplines, space-oriented projects where a space belonging to a municipality is transformed with the expertise and contribution of NGOs, and practical approaches that promote inclusive cultural planning and cultural management.

Learning Programme

The Culture Policies Studies Department of Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV) has been creating an active discussion environment in the field of cultural management and policies in Turkey in recent years, in collaboration with national and international institutions and non-governmental organizations. In line with this goal, it aims to strengthen cultural professionals throughout the country with its designed learning programs, and diversifies its stakeholders through seminars, conferences, and workshops.

Dialogue Programme

Ortaklaşa programme also encourages cultural professionals working in NGOs and municipalities to engage in dialogue and learn together in the fields of cultural policies and cultural management through a dialogue programme. Within the scope of the program, advocacy activities are carried out to create participatory cultural policies, and 7 roundtable meetings and 7 search conferences are organized based on the question “what initiatives, mechanisms, and practices are needed to achieve a participatory, inclusive, equitable, and rights-based cultural ecosystem at the local level?”



Regional Roundtable Meeting, 175 participants

Civil society and municipal employees discussing local cultural policies


Search Conference, 350 participants

Focusing on solutions and proposals that embrace diversity, equality, and inclusivity


7 Networking Meeting, 700 participants

Coming together through online and face-to-face meetings.